Wohday Musik Volumes 1-4


Jakk Jo

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As a young child Jakk Jo was surrounded by the visionaries of the undeniable sound that came from New Orleans and dominated hip-hop realm in the mid-to-late-90s and early 2000s. When one hears the arrangements of rhymes and melodies that started a movement in the music industry at such an influential age the sound becomes entangled with your spirit. As time went on Jakk Jo became the embodiment of these lyrics and like the soundtrack of New Orleans Jakk Jo’s life has been flooded with despair, hope, agony, and joy. Although Jakk Jo has been courted by many labels and even mislead by some he has decided to rise himself from the mud and shape his own legacy.

With the success of his mixtape series “Wohday Musik Vol. 1-3”, Jakk Jo will be releasing his 4th installment, “Wohday Musik4” which will be his first studio album. In this new era where the pioneers are often forgotten or disrespected Jakk Jo will champion the greats of the past, which includes his mom, Mia X, who was instrumental in the first movement. This is more than an album, this is a tribute. Jakk Jo wants the world to know who and where this sound came, and the second movement will be resurrected with “Wohday Musik4”.
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